City Watch: LA City Attorney Race – Support for Hydee Feldstein Soto

LA City Attorney Race:  My Review of 7 Candidates

THE EASTSIDER – Of all the races on June 7th, I think the City Attorney could have the most impact on the day to day lives of Angelenos.

In recent times, however, our City Attorneys have seen fit to be insider politicians rather than the Department Head of one of the biggest public law firms in the Country.In fact, I think you would have to go back quite a way to Burt Pines or Ira Reiner in the 1980’s to have that kind of lawyer.  Since then, from James Hahn, Rocky Delgadillo, Carmen Trutanich, and currently Mike Feuer, we have seen the increasing rise of a cabal between the Mayor, the City Attorney, and City Council President. Not to our benefit.

With that frame, let’s look at the seven brave souls who are on the ballot to become LA City Attorney in November.


Hydee Feldstein Soto

Hardly a household name, I met her back in the day, somewhere in the 2000’s, as a Neighborhood Council and community advocate who kept us abreast of proposed legislation in Sacramento and City Hall. She regularly showed up at the LANCC and other community events to update us on land use issues, often legislation, especially bills or proposed bills which would favor speculators and screw Angelenos. She often went to Sacramento to try and ameliorate stupid laws by people like Scott Weiner (SF).

So, when she told me she is running for LA City Attorney, I was jazzed. Her rationale for doing this is that she thinks it’s important to have a LA City Attorney who understands the job, is independent of political winds, and is ready to run a huge law firm for the benefit of all Angelenos.

The reason I wholeheartedly support her is simple.   In running she is a Neighborhood Council person, small ‘d’ democrat, grassroots advocate, used to drawing LANCC’s diverse members into a consensus on land use issues (no small feat), effective in Sacramento helping us fight bad legislation, and made her bones in the big bucks world of Big law, at firms like Sullivan & Cronwell LLP and Paul Hastings LLP, where problem solving and the ability to get things done on time and on budget really mattered.  We would be lucky to have that kind of a lawyer working as our City Attorney.

She is not, however, winner of the political contributions race.  For that, we’ll take a look at the top contenders there, I think in order of money raised.

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