Get Out the Vote! (GOTV)


Thank you for Supporting Hydee Feldstein Soto for LA City Attorney. Ballots are now in the hands of LA voters.

Here are 3 ways that you can help Hydee in under 3 minutes:

1) Get a Yard Sign!

Billboards are expensive! It would mean a lot if you could help us promote Hydee Feldstein Soto for LA City Attorney in your own neighborhood by signing up for a Yard Sign.

Here’s how you can order your sign today.

● Send us an email at info@hydeeforcityattorney.com
● Subject: “Yard Sign”
● Provide your Address and Contact Information and a team member will deliver the sign(s).

2) Follow Hydee on Social Media!

We are a grassroots campaign, up against a self-funding opponent who is spending millions of his personal wealth. It would make a huge impact if you did the following from your own social media channels to help us get the word out:

● Follow us from your social media accounts:
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● Use the sample social media and email content below to introduce your audience to the importance of the City Attorney’s race and to highlight Hydee Feldstein Soto.

● Like/share/retweet content from the @electHydee channels to boost and/or use the sample copy below

SAMPLE Tweets/FaceBook/Instagram/NextDoor Posts

● Voters: City Attorney is one of the most vital offices in the City of LA —Support Hydee Feldstein Soto @electhydee for LA City Attorney who will Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe, Protect the Vulnerable & Reduce Homelessness.

● Hydee Feldstein Soto is the ONLY Candidate for City Attorney backed by the LA County Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, as well as the LA Times, LA Daily News, La Opinion and LA Sentinel newspapers. She is the ONLY choice for City Attorney! @electhydee

The position of LA City Attorney is one of the most important races on the ballot this November in terms of accountability, quality of life and transparency in our City and local government.
Join our fight ➡️ @electHydee

● LA: This November you have the opportunity to elect LA’s first woman City Attorney. She is a fierce leader who will go after corruption at City Hall, tackle our homelessness crisis with sensible solutions and promote safe, healthy communities. Make sure to vote Hydee Feldstein Soto @electHydee for LA City Attorney!



Send an email to your contacts and/or any local community groups you may be a member of. Use the text below and/or edit to fit your audience!

Subject line: Hydee Feldstein Soto for LA City Attorney


Friends —

Your ballot for the November election has arrived. I am writing to you about Hydee Feldstein Soto, an extraordinary candidate who is running to be our next Los Angeles City Attorney. After 40 years of calling LA home, she is running because she is not willing to give up on our City or accept the current situation without trying to fix what is wrong. LA really needs a lawyer who is focused on doing the job at hand. Hydee is exceptionally well qualified to do the job of an LA City Attorney. The position of City Attorney is one of the most important races on the ballot this November in terms of the health, vitality, effectiveness, and quality of life in our City and local government.

On her website, https://www.hydeeforcityattorney.com, there are more details about her priorities and endorsements, but here are a few highlights:

● Hydee is the only City level candidate endorsed by both The Los Angeles Times and The Los Angeles Daily News in the primary. She now also has the support of La Opinòn and the LA Sentinel.
● She also is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the LA County Democratic Party, the LA Times and so many others.
● Hydee is the first City Attorney candidate in more than 20 years to have received the endorsement of the lawyers in the office she is running to hold — the Los Angeles City Attorneys’ Association
● Hydee has the backing of democratic clubs, women’s groups, business, labor, homeowners  ssociations, tenant activists and environmental activists as well as dozens of other current and former elected officials;
● 4 of the 5 former City Attorney candidates in the primary — Marina Torres, Richard Kim, Kevin James and Teddy Kapur have endorsed Hydee

What are Hydee’s Priorities?
● Prevent Corruption
● Bring Accountability and Transparency to City Hall
● Deliver Safe Neighborhoods
● Get Guns Off our Streets  Protect Our Communities. Hydee is a *Mom’s Demand* Gun Sense Candidate.
● Protect the Vulnerable
● Crackdown on Human Trafficking, Senior Abuse, and Domestic Violence
● Reduce Homelessness
● End No-Bid Contracts and Build More Housing