Heart of LA Democratic Club Endorses Hydee

The Heart of LA Democratic Club (HLADems), a Los Angeles County Democratic club that promotes equality and the full representation of women in local, state, and national politics, endorses Hydee Feldstein Soto for Los Angeles City Attorney. The club’s membership voted to endorse after the January 5, 2022 membership meeting.

Heart of LA Democratic Club has confidence that Hydee Feldstein Soto will use the powers of the City Attorney’s office to establish a culture at city hall that is inclusive, equitable, and free from discrimination and abuse. She has demonstrated a meaningful understanding of the Heart of LA Democratic Club’s mission and a serious commitment to issues of importance for women from practical and policy perspectives.

.Feldstein Soto would be the first woman City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. She was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and attended Swarthmore College and Columbia University Law School before moving to Los Angeles to practice law. She has a demonstrated track record of working in the male-dominated field of finance law, rising to become a partner at two major national law firms. The LA City Attorney manages an office of more than 500 attorneys practicing criminal and civil law throughout Los Angeles. Feldstein Soto’s decades of experience running and advising blue-chip companies, managing practice groups and legal teams at large firms have prepared her well for the job. In addition, HLADems appreciates Feldstein Soto’s three-tiered platform, particularly her plan for taking accountability and rooting out corruption in Los Angeles City Hall, her plans to help those experiencing homelessness, those affected by drugs, and human trafficking, senior abuse, and financial scams, as well as domestic violence.


Founded in March 2017, the Heart of L.A. Democratic Club was created in recognition of the growing awareness within the Democratic Party that women should be fully and equally represented in local, state, and national politics. The Heart of L.A. Democratic Club is open to all Democrats who subscribe to the club’s goals and purposes regardless of their gender identity. The mission of the Heart of L.A. Democratic Club is to help make the Democratic Party and its elected officials responsive to, and responsible for, the needs of all people, particularly, though not exclusively, women in our community. In addition to endorsing candidates and organizing for those candidates, the Heart of L.A. Democratic Club actively participates in issues advocacy, community outreach, and voter education. The Club’s monthly meetings feature guest speakers such as Democratic elected officials and candidates, and experts in policy areas of interest to women – including reproductive justice, homelessness, voter registration, immigration, criminal justice reform and more.

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