LA Progressive: Vote for Hydee Feldstein Soto

Excerpt: There are seven (7!) candidates for LA City Attorney (CA). The TL;DR is:

Hydee Feldstein-Soto is a riveting candidate: We should be so lucky as to acquire such competence on our side, the side of we the people.


Hydee Feldstein Soto spans both Latin and Jewish identities. My own interest centers on competence. In the search for a “good lawyer” I think it makes sense to elect a skilled counselor, rather than ethnic icon or political apprentice. I have watched Ms Feldstein Soto for many years now, study, learn and ingest a world of complicated legal maneuverings around housing, housing policy, development and power politics. Her engagement is at the level of a scholar who has understood the minutiae. She has her hands around the whole because she has mastered the details. I don’t know what relationships she forms, she has moved in biglaw, not political, circles. But I have seen her move a room of hundreds not preordained to hear her out, right into her very own quarter; seen her transform a crowd of skeptics into boosters. She walks her audience along in understanding, transferring all the careful studying she has done herself, to her listener’s consciousness, where their support flows along for the ride.

Our City deserves a strong advocate when our charter is challenged by state-level maneuverings. We need to conform with centrally articulated moral principles that work in our community. It is the job of our City Attorney to offer advice and guidance in moral and legal conformation with the State. Competence I can verify, rather than anointment from the Party, is the prerequisite most meaningful to me.

Please help elect ourselves a good City Attorney for Los Angeles on June 7, 2022: vote for Hydee Feldstein Soto


by Sara Roos


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