Meet Hydee

A Better LA Begins with New Leadership

LA voters have given billions of dollars — and millions of votes — to politicians who can’t get anything done.

City Hall has become a place where progress goes to die. LA needs new leadership, not another politician playing musical chairs and using the office as a stepping stone for their own political aspirations. We need a problem solver – not a city hall insider.

I’m Hydee Feldstein Soto and I’m running for City Attorney because LA needs better leadership, and it needs a better lawyer.

Who I Am

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and moved to the mainland at 17 to study, first at Swarthmore College and then Columbia University School of Law. I moved to Los Angeles right after graduation, and Los Angeles has been my home for the last 40 years. I raised my now 28-year- old son, Jamie, in LA and today I live in Mid-City with my 92-year-old mother and 7-year-old rescue pup, Lucy.

As LA’s City Attorney, I will be prepared to lead on day one.  With decades of experience leading and managing other attorneys, facilitating multi-billion-dollar transactions (larger than the annual budget of Los Angeles) and solving complex legal issues, I will bring new energy, new ideas, and a renewed focus on problem solving – not politics – to the City Attorney’s office.

I spent my career overcoming institutional hurdles to become one of the country’s most respected attorneys, known for a no-nonsense and can-do approach to finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.

As a community leader, I spent years informing and protecting our communities and neighborhoods and serving on my Neighborhood Council. I have used my legal expertise to empower residents to have a voice on issues that impact our communities.

I am ready to put those skills to work for the people of LA as your City Attorney, to root out corruption and break through the gridlock at city hall.  I am running to bring real positive change on the issues that most affect our daily lives – the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, homelessness, unaffordable housing, and more.

Why I Am Running

I am running because I am tired of Los Angeles is failing its people and failing to live up to its own values.

When I moved here in 1982, Los Angeles was a destination for opportunity and progress.  We had a juggernaut of an economy – with centers from entertainment, electronics and aerospace, to world class financial institutions, to transportation, manufacturing, apparel and fashion.  Our educational institutions, think tanks, healthcare, logistics, leisure and hospitality sectors and of course, our business and professional services were the equal or the envy of any in the country.  

Much of that opportunity is gone and I believe we need a new approach.

A well-run city does not shrug at corruption, scandal, and inaction like that which has plagued our City Hall.

A world-class city doesn’t struggle for decades to provide basic city services to alleviate congestion or build needed housing.

A functioning city has clean air and water, working infrastructure, regular sanitation, quality public education, quality affordable or public healthcare and other services, and a responsive government.

A moral city does not stand by while unhoused and mentally distressed residents die on its streets, and residents feel unsafe on those streets or in their homes.

A diverse and inclusive city does not tolerate violence against women and seniors, nor anti-semitism or hate crimes against African Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ+ residents — or any group of residents.

A livable and sustainable city does not have leaky pipes and wells, regular effluence and sewage spills, explosions of transponders or fireworks, or the highest greenhouse gas emissions around.

I am running for City Attorney because it is time for new leadership and new energy at City Hall.  Now more than ever, we need a problem solver – not a politician or city hall insider – to break through the gridlock, put ideas into action, and clean up City Hall.

I cannot stand by and let LA fail its people. The office of the City Attorney, like all of City Hall, has a real responsibility to deliver for all of us — and make sure that our health and basic opportunities are not limited by our zip codes.

I’m ready to take all that on, for all of us. I hope you’ll join me and build a better future for LA, together.